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Cranberry Probiotics (20 packs)

Cranberry Probiotics (20 packs)

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Only available for delivery to Vietnam, please contact Ruijia official website for purchase in Taiwan

Quick, sensitive and private maintenance food
Through highly concentrated cranberry, roselle calyx extract, spore-type probiotics, etc., the golden ratio compound specially developed for private health can quickly and effectively help balance the flora in the body and provide private maintenance.

All natural ingredients x golden ratio compound
. Cranberry BIO-SHIELD® patented coating process to retain active ingredients ・U.S. patented Cran-Max cranberry 34:1 highly concentrated, 39.6 mg proanthocyanidins (PACs)
. Combined with raspberry, roselle calyx, pomegranate flower extract, etc., the powerful compound formula provides more comprehensive care. The patented spore probiotic Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 creates a good micro-ecological environment. No cholesterol, artificial colors, preservatives and other food additives, safe to eat without burden. Suitable for everyone, children, pregnant women, breastfeeding, the elderly and men in general

How to eat:
1-2 times a day, the recommended time of use is 30 minutes after a meal, it can be eaten directly or with warm or cold water (contains probiotic ingredients, the recommended water temperature should not exceed 55 degrees C)

Ingredients: Concentrated Raspberry Powder (Raspberry Concentrated Juice, Maltodextrin), Water Soluble Fiber, Cranberry Extract, Wheat Fiber, Roselle Calyx Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Bacillus Lactobacillus, Erythritol , pomegranate extract

1. It is recommended to drink with warm or cold water below 40 degrees. If you eat antibiotics, coffee, tea and other foods, you need to wait 1 hour before eating.
2. If you want to have a good body, it is recommended to continue supplementing with good living habits, so as to really help the growth of good bacteria.
3. The functions of each probiotic are different. If there is a need for consumption, please follow the daily recommended dosage of each probiotic and consume it on the same day.

All products comply with SGS inspection standards: 380 pesticides, 365 western medicines, Escherichia coli, heavy metals, etc.

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