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Zinc yeast collagen powder (7 days)

Zinc yeast collagen powder (7 days)

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Only available for delivery to Vietnam, please contact Ruijia official website for purchase in Taiwan

🏆Won the Best Collagen During Pregnancy Award by Malaysia Health and Fashion Magazine twice

🥈Monde Selection World Quality Evaluation Silver Award

Commodity features <br>Super synergistic combination of 4 major ingredients: fish collagen, corn extract (including psilome), casein hydrolyzate, zinc yeast .
The edible ampoule essence and corn extract silomet can effectively improve the moisturization .
Casein hydrolyzate extracted from milk to enhance calcium absorption .
Zinc Yeast helps maintain energy and promotes healthy skin .
No. 1 water-retaining ingredient, deeply nourishes from the inside out, creates a water-sensitive shield, and maintains youthful water.

70% fish scale extract, 30% fish skin extract, passed ISO certification, from a single fish species, peptide grade collagen, 5,000 Da small molecules are most suitable for human absorption.

💧Extreme water beauty, lock in nourishment and moisturization!

How to eat
<br>Take 1 sachet a day, which can be taken directly orally (the best absorption effect is on an empty stomach) or added to warm drinks, soups, and cooking.

1. This product contains fish and soybean products. Those with allergies should take it with caution.
2. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medication, please consult your physician before taking it.
3. Depending on the individual's constitution, if you feel uncomfortable after eating, please stop eating.
4. If children under the age of 12 need to eat, please reduce the dosage by half.
*This product is a personal consumable product. If it has been unpacked or used, cannot be restored to its original state, or the outer box of the product is damaged, please do not apply for return or exchange.

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