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RayFocus 1 Laser Massager

RayFocus 1 Laser Massager

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Use it anytime, anywhere to relieve muscle discomfort and sleep well at night!
Through the US FDA Listed.
The world's smallest, lightest, wearable laser massage machine
Aiming at the local area, take into account the superficial, middle and deep layers to promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue and discomfort.

It can be tied to knees, ankles, elbows, or other tired and uncomfortable parts. The weight of a light engine is only 42g, and the thickness is only 26mm. Can be used anytime, anywhere. When used in time, the effect of soothing discomfort is best.

The laser uses forward-looking SMD type LD 660/808nm, and the laser massage light power of a single light engine reaches 470mW. With the pulse frequency of 1199Hz B2 Bahr frequency, there are three kinds of light sources to stimulate the superficial, middle and deep body tissues at the same time, and has its own patented laser Safety protection function, the laser will only be activated after touching the skin to prevent the laser from entering the eyes, the product has a built-in rechargeable battery, magnetic charging, no messy wire connection during use, and can be used more than 20 times after fully charged.

The product function reflects the sharing, 90% of the trial users feel tired and relieved , and the actual effect varies from person to person.
Source: Rui Ai Biomedical R&D Center, 100 subjects were evaluated.

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