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Good Night Probiotics (20 packs/box)

Good Night Probiotics (20 packs/box)

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Only available for delivery to Vietnam, please contact Ruijia official website for purchase in Taiwan

3 major features of good night probiotics|Relaxing at home NO.1
✧Rice germ extract GABA, enter a stable and peaceful sleep
✧ Stable sesamin extract, rare ingredients to quickly relax and fall asleep
✧Patented calcium and magnesium D three-effect factor, open the flight mode of falling asleep
The best product to nourish your body and ease your emotions!

Allergens : This product contains milk and its products.

How to eat:
Take 1 sachet before going to bed every day. It can be taken directly or mixed with boiled water below 40℃, or added to beverages and salads.
It can also be taken during the day if there is a need for relaxation during the day

Ingredients: soluble fiber from corn, lactose, whole milk powder, strawberry juice powder (maltodextrin, strawberry juice concentrate, gum arabic), glucose, complex probiotics (Lactobacillus salivarius, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, milk of reuteri Bacillus, Lactobacillus plantarum, maltodextrin), rice germ extract (including GABA), xylooligosaccharides, yeast concentrate powder (containing calcium and magnesium), sesame extract (containing sesame ether)

1. It is recommended to drink with warm or cold water below 40 degrees. If you eat antibiotics, coffee, tea and other foods, you need to wait 1 hour before eating.
2. If you want to have a good body, it is recommended to continue supplementing with good living habits, so as to really help the growth of good bacteria.
3. The functions of each probiotic are different. If there is a need for consumption, please follow the daily recommended dosage of each probiotic and consume it on the same day.

All products comply with SGS inspection standards: 380 pesticides, 365 western medicines, Escherichia coli, heavy metals, etc.

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